Premium Financing Houston

Premium financing allows your clients to secure a loan without large up-front payments, which is difficult for many people to provide. Here at US Insurance Fundings, we provide home insurance agencies and brokers with premium financing options to help their customers secure their estate without going into a financial burden and sacrificing their lifestyle.


We can provide competitive and flexible insurance financing rates to help safeguard your customers’ assets and would ensure a smooth transfer of their wealth to their beneficiaries when the time comes. We also understand that funding such premiums is hard because they may require payments in large amounts that have to be paid up-front or may require the sale of financial assets, which can make it challenging but premium financing can help in these situations.


Premium financing will:


  • Eliminate large up-front payments to your insurance company
  • Allow you to access the coverage that you need without having to sell your other assets
  • Allow you to attach multiple insurance policies to a single premium finance contract


If you are in the Houston, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Louisiana areas and would like to learn more about the premium insurance financing that we offer to home insurance agencies and brokers, give our company a call today!